Free Workshops to Show My Appreciation
and Support You!

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I will be providing powerful tips, industry insights, and strategies to help you move you, your message, and your business forward!!!

You will have time to ask me questions, connect and network with each other in a positive and supportive environment.
All for free! As my gift to you!

Friday, May 30th

Speaker Program – 9:30-12:30

Registration – 9am

This workshop is appropriate for speakers of all experience levels. You’ll get tips and strategies in areas from creating authentic connection with your audience to how to create compelling offers that serve your audience.

  • Learn about the biggest opportunities Rebecca sees speakers missing out on time after time.
  • Find out how to consistently take advantage of those opportunities.
  • What to do and what not to do when approaching community leaders about speaking opportunities.
  • Get important keys to making an effective offer without feeling ‘salesy’.

Experienced Speaker Program – 2:30-4:00

Registration – 2:15pm

This workshop is for speakers who have 2 years of speaking or workshop leading experience. Or for those committed to taking their speaking to the next level in a leadership role.
  • Learn higher level strategies to show up as a leader everywhere you go.
  • Find out how to differentiate yourself from all the other speakers wanting the opportunities you want.
  • Discover how to expand your impact with your audiences.

Fast Launch Program – 6:00-7:30pm

Registration – 5:45pm

Discover how to launch your business ideas in ways to bring in the money quickly and lead into your higher level programs.
  • Learn how to serve other people’s communities in ways that are a win for them, their communities, and for you.
  • Get key strategies for standing out as a rock star with other community leaders.
  • Discover a specific process that can quickly lead to new clients who are great for your higher level programs.

Saturday, May 31st

Leadership Program – 10am-12:30pm

Registration at 9:30am

Discover the fundamentals to effectively leading the people you’re here to serve in a way that keeps you on track with your mission.
  • Discover how to recognize what kind of leader you’re called to be.
  • Learn how to answer that call in the way that’s right for you.
  • Get clear on what leadership really means to you and how it can be easier than you ever thought.
  • Identify the key next steps in your leadership journey.

You can select the mini workshop(s) that support you and your needs…you may attend all 4 (which I recommend!!!) or just the one or two that will best serve you. Please do RSVP so we can prepare materials and be prepared to have you join us for this powerful 1 1/2 days of connection, powerful tips, tools, resources, and opportunities just for you!

I am SO EXCITED to have you join us!

Registrations are now closed.

These workshops will be held in Concord, CA. The location details will be provided upon registration

Rebecca Hall

About Rebecca Hall Gruyter:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a Character Code Coach®, Master Trainer, a Best Selling Author, Creator of Your Success Formula™, and Owner of a successful private practice and is committed to helping you line up your business with you, your core values, and your passions so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted. She is the Creator and Leader of the Women’s Empowerment Series where she empowers women, transforming lives.

Rebecca has been featured on many Success Panels, Blog Talk Radio, Entrepreneur Initiative, and will be a Radio Show Host on the Empowerment Channel of Voice America. She recently received the award of Client Coach of the Year for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine!