Create and Fill Your Events Self Study

CreateandFillYourEventsPhotoHow to create amazing events that position you as an expert and are filled with your ideal clients!

Rebecca HallHi, it’s Rebecca Hall Gruyter here, and if you’re committed to leveraging your expertise to change lives, and you’re no longer content to do it one person at a time, then you’re going to love the new program I’ve created.

Not only will you discover my step-by-step system for creating great events, I’m going to walk you through the exact formula I use to consistently fill my own events.

I’ll even teach you how I get other people to happily do a lot of the marketing for me.

I know this may sound a bit crazy because you may have never hosted your own events. Or worse yet, you may have already tried unsuccessfully to hold events. You may be confused about how to create events that work with your business model so you make even more money after the event. You may not already have a big email list or social media following.

The good news is that none of these things have to stop you from creating and filling your next event.

You’ll get the full set of Mp3 recordings and the PDF downloads from this 2-day live workshop.

Module 1:
Discover how to create events
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Module 2:
Build events that serve you and your people
Value: $197 SilverCheck1

Module 3:
Learn what to do before, during and after events
Value: $697 SilverCheck1

Module 4:
Build events that flow into your business model
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Module 5:
Learn strategies to fill your events with YOUR people
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Module 6:
Collaboration? Learn how to work with others to fill your events and theirs too
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The value for this powerful self study program is $1582,
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Rebecca Hall

About Rebecca Hall Gruyter:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a Character Code Coach®, Master Trainer, a Best Selling Author, Creator of Your Success Formula™, and Owner of a successful private practice and is committed to helping you line up your business with you, your core values, and your passions so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted. She is the Creator and Leader of the Women’s Empowerment Series where she empowers women, transforming lives.

Rebecca has over 15 years in the speaking industry and has learned how to create a process and system to grow multiple businesses through speaking. In this program she shares what she learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Rebecca has been featured on many Success Panels, Blog Talk Radio, Entrepreneur Initiative, and will be a Radio Show Host on the Empowerment Channel of Voice America. She recently received the award of Client Coach of the Year for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine!