I Will... Will You?
Say "Yes" and figure out the "How" later

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About the Author

Rebecca Hall Gruyter, founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, and Creator of the: Women’s Empowerment Series, Speaker Talent Search, Talk Radio Show Host and Guest Training Programs, and Rebecca’s Money Summit.  She is an in-demand speaker, Expert Money Coach and a frequent guest expert on success panels, tele-summits, TV and radio shows. 
Rebecca is a popular Voice America Radio Show Host.  In fact, her show was recently rated #1 on the Women’s Channel of VoiceAmerica.  She is a best-selling author (2 best-selling books) with over 14 years experience in the financial industry growing multiple 6-figure businesses and practices. She has received awards for her: sales expertise, networking skills, and transformational coaching. 
Her books include:  Succeeding Against All Odds, You Are Whole Perfect and Complete, Catch Your Star, and soon to be published:  Becoming Outrageously Successful:  A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Purpose, Fueling Her Passion, and Unlocking Her Prosperity!