Why We NEED You as a Leader

You have special talents, skills, and abilities unique to you. Your special combination of life experience and talent is a missing piece to a bigger puzzle.


Please read the first two sentences again and think about that for a moment.

You know things no one else knows. You see things from a perspective no one else sees. You can do things no one else can do.

As a result, there are specific people you’re here to serve. They need your expertise to help them with particular problems they’re having. And they need it in exactly the way you do what you do.

This is important AND this is your call to leadership.

Now the big question is “Are you willing to help the people you’re here to help?”

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams
If you’re really willing to help the people that only you can help, you’re ready to step into your role as a leader. And I’ve created a program to help you do exactly that.

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Rebecca Hall

About Rebecca Hall Gruyter:

Rebecca Hall Gruyter is the founder of Your Purpose Driven Practice, a Character Code Coach®, Master Trainer, a Best Selling Author, Creator of Your Success Formula™, and Owner of a successful private practice and is committed to helping you line up your business with you, your core values, and your passions so that you can impact the world in the unique and wonderful way in which you are gifted. She is the Creator and Leader of the Women’s Empowerment Series where she empowers women, transforming lives.

Rebecca has been featured on many Success Panels, Blog Talk Radio, Entrepreneur Initiative, and will be a Radio Show Host on the Empowerment Channel of Voice America. She recently received the award of Client Coach of the Year for her transformational work. Rebecca wants to help you be seen, heard, and shine!